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15 04 2007


Dior Omotesando (Sibuya, Tokyo, Japon): SANAA. Crédit photo: Nicolas Marier. 




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15 04 2007
Nicolas Marier

 » One of Tokyo’s most fashionable streets the world’s luxury retailers are elbowing each other in order to attract shoppers’ attention. This battle goes beyond price, value, and quality. It extends to the very architecture of their shops. Dior’s Omotesando building is an outgrowth of that competitive spirit in a city where, recession-be-damned, brand names still rule the retail roost. The building, itself, is gift-wrapped in a translucent skin that allows the building underneath to show through. The effect is achieved by using clear glass on the outside and a second displaced layer of translucent acrylic on the inside. Further designs can be added to the building’s skin like butterflies, logos, or whatever is needed to adapt the building to a sale, or a change in season. It’s the architectural equivalent of a child’s temporary tattoo.  »

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8 02 2008
gifted alchemist

ça donne envie de visiter ^^

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