Seattle – Local Architecture Firms Design Dynamic Gingerbread Structures for a Changing City

7 12 2007


« Miss Washington 2007 addresses the crowd in the lobby of the recently expanded Sheraton Hotel. By Christmas Day more than 300,000 people will view Gingerbread Village, she tells us, which was created to raise a sugary awareness of the perils of juvenile diabetes.

It is Monday, November 19, 2007, or Gingerbread Village Day by official proclamation of Mayor Greg Nickels. Children from the Seattle Area German American School sing, Peruvian girls dance, onlookers clap. The occasion is a sweet one.

But even into this cheery holiday atmosphere judgment must descend and do its mean (or meaningful) work. For six of the seven gingerbread structures on display were not produced by children afflicted with juvenile diabetes—those naughty diseased children could not be trusted with the raw materials, with the gingerbreads, sweets, and icings—but by the most prestigious architectural firms in the city. So we must assess these structures with a critical eye. Which is best? Which is worst? If an architectural firm is incapable of decent gingerbread design, what of the buildings that firm is inflicting on our helpless city? »

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